Joel  speaks of the same judgments that Amos does:  it is probable they appeared about the same time, Amos in Israel, and   Joel in Judah.  Now Amos prophesied in the days of Jeroboam   the second. (Am 7:10.)   In this prophecy,     1. The desolation made by armies of insects is described:     2. The people are called to repentance;     3. Promises are made of mercy to the penitent, and of the pouring out of the spirit in the latter days.     4. The cause of God’s people is pleaded against their enemies, and glorious things are spoken of the Gospel-Jerusalem.


1.  What does the name Joel mean? 


2.  What is the mission of Joel? 


3.  Why do you think Joel is called the prophet of religious revival?


4.  Read Joel 1:1,2.  Who is the message especially written to?


5.  What does verse 2 say is going to happen?  What dangerous way of thinking do you see implied in this verse?



6.  What were they supposed to do with the message?  Verse 3


7.  What kind of destruction is described in chapter 1:4?


8.  What did God want the people to do?  verse 5


9.  What is the warning in verses 6,7 and how does it apply to us today?


10.  What was going to happen to the worship services as they knew it and why?


11.  Read Joel 1:12-13.  What kind of experience could they expect?


12.  Why a fast?  Verse 14   Why gather together?


13.  Read chapter 2:1-11.  What were they to sound?  Why?  How?


14.  What were they to do in light of what was coming?  Ch. 2:12-17

            a.  ________________________

            b. ________________________

            c. ________________________


15.  List the promises that God gave them in your own words:  Verses 19-28

            a. _________________________________________________

            b. _________________________________________________

            c. _________________________________________________

            d. __________________________________________________

            e. ___________________________________________________


16.  What simple things did they NOT do?






17.  What revival kind of message have your gotten from God for your own spiritual life as a result of reading these chapters?




18.  What an appeal that you sense God is making to you about your life today?



19.  Read Joel 3:21.  What does this verse mean to you personally?



20.  What is your favorite verse from the book of Joel?  Why?



21.  What do you need to pray about after studying this book? 


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