Hosea 5-10


1.  Read Hosea 5:1.  What does it mean to be a “snare on Mizpah”?


2.  What is God saying to his people in verse 2?


3.  According to 5:3,4 what simple truth do you learn about God and why should we remember it?


4.  Hosea 5:5-10.  What had God’s people done?


5.  What does it mean that Ephraim is “broken in judgment”?  Hos 5:11


6.  What did the people do when they realized they had a problem?  Hos 5:13  How did that make God feel?



7.  What hope do you see in verse 15?


8.  What appeal is Hosea making to the people in Hosea 6:1-3


9.  What is God feeling when he says what he says in Hos 6:4-11?



10.  Even as judgment is coming on the people, what is God’s plea?  Hosea 7:1-2


11.  What does Hos 7:3-8 tell you about the society?


12.  Read verse 8 again.  What is the saying that comes from this verse?  What does it mean?


13.  What spiritual condition are the people in?  Hos 7:9-10


14.  What analogy does God use to describe the people and why?  Hos. 7:11.


15.  What does HOs 7:13-16 say to you about God?


16.  In what ways are you like the people in Hosea’s day?


17.  Read Hosea 8.  What spiritual principles do you see in this chapter?

            a. ________________________________________________

            b. ________________________________________________

            c. ________________________________________________

            d. ________________________________________________


18.  According to Hosea 8:14 what is the heart of the problem with Israel?  How are we like that today?

19.  Although the people feel comfortable, what does God say they will feel like in the DAY?  Hosea 9:1-7


20.  What were the prophets supposed to do and what did they do?  Hos 9:8-10


21.  Read Hosea 9:15.  What principles of love do you see in this verse?  How does it apply to God’s love for us?


22.  What does verse 1 of chapter 11 mean?  What was their purpose in the first place?


23.  What does it mean to have a divided heart? Hos 10:2


24.  In what ways was Israel like a heifer?  Why did use that symbol?  Hos. 10:9-15.



25.  What lessons about sowing and reaping do you learn from Hosea 10?



26.  What personal message does God seem to  be sending to you from these chapters?


27.  How will you respond to His message?  Hopefully not like they did……………


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