Hosea 11-12


1.  God speaks of his people like they were his children.  What do you learn about God from Hosea 11:1-4?  What do you learn about people?


2.  How can God keep investing in people when His people have been so cruel to him all along?

How can you do it too?



3.  Read Hos 11:7.  How does this verse apply to you?


4.  What is the cry of God’s heart?  Hosea 11:8


5.  What is the difference between God’s love and man’s love?  Hos 11:9



6.  What is the progression of Ephraim?  Hosea 12:1


7.  Why do you think Judah did not learn from the mistakes of Israel?  Hos 12:2-6


8.  What is Ephraim’s attitude?  Hos 12:8.  How is it like the attitude of the Laodicean church of the last days?


9.  What methods has God used to reach people?  Hos.  12:10



10.  Why does God use prophets?  Hos 12:12-14


11.  What is the nature of sin?  Hos 13:1,2


12.  What is God trying to get them to understand in Hosea 13:4?


13.  What is the spiritual lesson for us in Hos. 13:5?


14.  Why did they forget God?  Hos 13:6?  Can and does that happen to you?  Why?


15.  What is the condition of the people and what is God’s promise?  Hos 13:9


16.  What is God’s ultimate promise to those who would be faithful?  Hos 13:14


17.  What is Hosea’s final appeal to Israel?  Hos. 14:1


18.  He even tells them what to say.  What was it?  Hos. 14:2


19.  What does God promise even now if they will return?  Hos 14:4-7


20.  What is God’s hopeful response from Ephraim?  Hos 14:8


21.  Read Hosea 14:9.  What does this say to you?



22.  What have you learned for yourself from Hosea’s book?


23.  What have you learned about God? 


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