Hosea 1-4


The theme of Hosea is God’s love for His erring children.  Remember the minor prophets cover a period of materialism, commercialism, and social evils, much like today.  Hosea lived in the darkest period of the history of Israel, right before the Assyrian captivity.  If you want a little background, read 1 Kings 12. 


1.  Since this is God’s last call to the Northern kingdom, just before it’s fall, what would you expect God to say?



2.  What does the name Hosea mean? 


3.  Read Hosea 1:1-3.  Why would God tell a prophet to take a whore for a wife?  What was God’s purpose in this?



4.  Why did God want the child’s name to be Jezreel?  1:4



5.  What was the daughters name?  Why?  1:6,7


6.  What does verse 7 say about man?  About God?


7.  What was the third child to be named?  Why?  1:9,11


8.  In light of verse 10 and 11, what do hear God telling you? 


9.  What does God tell Hosea to say to people?  Hosea 2:1-3


10.  Read Hosea 2:6-13.  Describe from these verses what God is feeling and what he tries to do to rescue His people?



11.  What is God’s dream for His people?  Hosea 2:14-23



12.  Describe what God’s love is like.  Read Hosea 3:1-5.   What is significant about his chapter?



13.  What is God’s controversy with His people?  Hosea 4:1-4



14.  Why are people destroyed?  Hosea 4:6. 


15.  What is one of the principles in Hosea 4:7

16.  Read Hosea 4:9.  What does this verse mean for us today?


17.  What do verses 12-14 tell you about God’s fairness?


18.  What does it mean to be a backslider?  Hosea 4:15,16



19.  Ephraim is joined to idols:  let him alone.  Hosea 4:17.  What does this verse say?  What does it not say about God?


20.  What is the end result of whoredom against God?



21.  After reading these chapters about whoredom and then thinking about what Revelation says about the harlot, what similarities do you see between what Judah went through and what we are in the process of going through today?








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