Two-thirds of the book of Habakkuk are a conversation between he and God.  He is called the prophet of faith.  Let’s see what we can learn from the Grandfather of the Reformation, as he is called.


1.  What does his name mean?


2.  Read chapter 1:1-3.  Have you ever felt like he did? 


3.  What does verse 4 say about justice and appearances?


4.  What is God’s response to Habakkuk’s feelings and observations?  1:5-11.  What do you learn about God from these verses?



5.  What was Habakkuk’s view of God?  1:12-13



6.  What was his view of people?  1:14-17


7.  How are your present feelings and thoughts like Habakkuk’s?  How are they different?



8.  What personal motivation do you see in 2:1?


9.  Why did God want him to write what he saw?  2:2,3


10.  What great reformation truth is in 2:4?  What do these words mean to you personally?


11.  Who is being talked about in 2:5-20?  What lessons do you learn from these woes?



12.  What is Habakkuk’s prayer about?  3:19 


            List topics he talked about –





            Concerns he had –





            Promises he claimed –

            View of God he had –




            View of nature –




            Feelings he felt –



            Lessons he learned –



13.  What did you learn about prayer from reading his prayer and studying it?



14.  What is the significance of 3:18 for your every day life?



15.  What can you take away from this book that will help you be a happier person and a better person?


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