Amos 5-9


The last chapter ended with the challenge – “Prepare to meet your God.”  This chapter picks up that theme and tells them how to prepare and why they should prepare.


1.  Hear this word.  Since this is God speaking through Amos, what does he mean and why would He have to say it?  What will it mean for you?


2.  Read 5:2,3.  What is coming upon them?


3.  What were they supposed to do to prepare for what was coming?  Why?

            5:4 ____________________________________________________________________

            5:6 ____________________________________________________________________

            5:8 ____________________________________________________________________

            5:14 ___________________________________________________________________

4.  What were they supposed to not do in order to prepare to meet their God?  5:5

5.  What were some of the manifold transgressions they were doing that were wrong?  5:9-27



What does 5:10 tell you?


6.  Read 5:18.  Why woe to those who desire the day of the Lord?


7.  Read chapter 6.  How do you think Amos felt in giving this message?  How did the focus of his life and message differ from that of the people?


8.  In verse 6:1, Amos points out one of the main problems of the people – what is it?  What does that mean for you?


9.  What attitude did the people have regarding the day of the Lord and how is it like today?  6:3


10.  Why did God hate their prosperity?  6:8


11.  In chapter 7:1 what did God send as a judgment on the people?  What did Amos do about it?


12.  What was the next judgment God sent?  What did Amos do about it?  7:4-6


13.  Read 7:7-9.  What does the plumbline mean and why did God do what He did?


14.  How did the people respond to Amos’ message?  7:10-17


15.  What was Amos’ attitude to how the people acted?  7:16,17


16.  What has chapter 17 taught you about yourself?  About God?  About people?



17.  In chapter 8:1-3 What does Amos see and what does it mean?  Also read Rev. 14:15




18.  What transgressions of the people does Amos point out in 8:4-10? 



19.  Read 8:11.  Why would God do this?  Do you think this is happening today?  Why or why not?


20.  What does 9:1 say that God was going to do?


21.  What would people try to do to escape the wrath of God?  8:1-4

            a.  __________________________________

            b. ___________________________________

            c. ___________________________________

            d. ___________________________________

            e. ___________________________________


22.  What does 9:6 tell you about God and heaven?


23.  Read 9:7,8.  How would you have felt if you were God at this point in history?


24.  How is the justice of God demonstrated in 9:9,10? 


25.  What is always on the mind of God?  9:11-15


26.  In what ways could you be more like God in this respect?


Read 9:13.  What does this verse mean, especially in the context of the last days?


27.  What is the over all message that God has given you from Amos?


28.  How could you use this in our culture today to help people be prepared for the day of the Lord?


29.  What do you think God wants you to do to be like Amos in preparing people?




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