Amos 1-4


Amos was a simple herder.  He was given a message of God primarily to Israel, the northern kingdom.  He may have had special challenges, as some scholars think, can you discover what they were?

The earthquake mentioned in verse 1:  The tradition of the Jews is that it happened just at the time when Uzziah presumptuously invaded the priest’s office and went in to burn incense, 2Ch 26:16.  Josephus mentions this earthquake, Antiq. 9.225, and says, "By it half of a mountain was removed and carried to a plain four furlongs off; and it spoiled the king’s gardens." God by this prophet gave warning of it two years before, that God by it would shake down their houses, Am 3:15.


1.  The name Amos means? 


2.  Amos uses illustrations from every day life to arrest the attention of an affluent, arrogant, and prosperous nation.  Write down some of them as you read:






3.  What kind of challenge do you think it was for a herder to go and tell the city people what God had shown him?


4.  What kind of message did he have to bear?  Amos 1:2


Concerning the next section and what God says to each of the neighbors of Israel:

                Jer 12:14, Thus said the Lord, against all my evil neighbours that touch the inheritance of my people Israel, Behold, I will pluck them out. Damascus was a near neighbour to Israel on the north, Tyre and Gaza on the west, Edom on the south, Ammon and (in the next chapter) Moab on the east; and all of them had been, one time, one way, or other, pricking briers and grieving thorns to Israel, evil neighbours to them; and, because God espouses his people’s cause, he there calls them his evil neighbours, and here comes forth to reckon with them. The method is taken in dealing with each of them is, in part, the same, and therefore we put them together, and yet in each there is something peculiar.


5.  What the warning to Damascus?  1:3-5


6.  What the warning to Gaza?  1:6-8


7.  Warning to Tyrus?  1:9-10


8.  Message to Edom?  1:11-12


9.  How about to Ammon?  1:13-15


10.  Chapter 2 begins with another warning to Moab.  What was it?



11.  Chapter 2:4-5 What is the warning to Judah?


12.  What is the warning to Israel?  2:6-8


13.  What do you notice about the precious verses that might be a huge lesson for us?


14.  What is God’s plea to His people?  2:9-16


15.  Who is chapter 3 basically directed to?  3:1


16.  What do you learn from 3:2?


17.  What life principle do you see in 3:3?  How does it apply to you today?


18.  List the illustrations and what they mean in verses 3:4-8

            a. _________________________________________________________________

            b. _________________________________________________________________

            c. _________________________________________________________________

            d. _________________________________________________________________

            e. _________________________________________________________________

            f. _________________________________________________________________


19.  Read 3:7.  What does this mean for us?


20.  Verses 9-15 have some definite things that God is going to do.  What are they?


21.  What are some of the things that the people are doing that God doesn’t approve of?  4:1-13




22.  What did God do to try to stop their transgression and departure from Him?  4:1-13



23.  Why did God tell them to “prepare to meet your God” in verse 12?


24.  Read 4:13.  What does this say about God?  Why is it important that we remember this one important item about God?



25.  What have you learned so far from the first four chapters of Amos?


26.  What is God’s message to you?








(Next time we’ll do chapters 5-10)


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