Luke 20

1. What kind of things did Jesus teach and preach about? Luke 20:1

2. Why did his teaching and preaching cause so much anger in the priests?

3. Read verses 2-8. What kind of game are they playing with Jesus and how did he react to it?

4. Why wouldn’t Jesus answer their question?

5. Read the parable of the wicked vinedressers – Luke 20:9-16. How is this parable different in tone than other parables Jesus told the Pharisees?

6. What is the point of this parable?

7. Do you think they understood the point? Why or why not?

8. What did the priests and scribes do after this story? 20:19

9. What tactics did the Pharisees use against Jesus? 20:20 Why is it wrong?

10. How is verse 21 devious?

11. How did Jesus respond to their methods? :24

12. If Jesus asked you the question in verse 23, what would your answer be?

13. Why did Jesus say render to Caesar what is Caesars?

14. In the church back then, there were Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes. How were they different? Were their beliefs different?

15. How is the church today like the church then?

16. How would you explain verses 34-38 – in light of what Jesus who Jesus was dealing with and their question?

17. What is Jesus trying to teach the Sadducees in verses 41-44? Why?

18. Why did Jesus warn the people about the scribes? What was the warning?

19. What take-away lessons do you have from this chapter?


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