Luke 19

1.  Jesus goes to Jericho and meet Zacchaeus. Where was Zacchaeus and why?

2. Read 19:3. What did Zacchaeus want to learn about Jesus? What can you learn from that?

3. Why did Jesus want to stay at his house?

4. Who are the “they” in verse 7? Why were they miffed?

5. What is the point of the story? 19:9-10. How does it relate to us today?

6. For what reasons does Jesus tell the story about the talents (minas)? 19:11

7. Write the story in your own words: 19:12-27

8. What was the view that the one talent man had of the Master? How did his view effect his actions?

9. What lessons do you learn from this parable?

10. What was Jesus trying to help the Pharisees understand?

11. Why was Jesus going to Jerusalem, this time? 19:28

12. Why did he send two people ahead of him? What were they supposed to do?


13.  Why a colt that had never been ridden before?

14. What reaction did his followers have to his entry into Jerusalem on a colt? What reaction did the Pharisees have? Why the difference?

15. Explain Jesus’ answer in 19:40

16. Why did Jesus cry? 19:41-44

17. When you think of the people in your city who don’t know how does it make you feel?

18. Read 19:45-48. Why did Jesus drive people out of the temple?

19. Why do you think the priests, scribes, and leaders wanted to destroy him?

20. What is something from this chapter that will help you this week?

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