Luke 14

1. Why were the Pharisees watching Jesus? What were they hoping to see, find? 14:1

2. Where was Jesus in the opening story of this chapter? Why did he go?

3.   What is dropsy? The man with dropsy where was he?

4. How could religious people come to the place where a donkey or an ox were valued more than a person? 14:5,6

5. What is the meaning of the parable in 14:7-14? What do you hear or feel God is telling you?

6. When are you really blessed when you help someone? 14:14

7. What do you think the man was thinking that spoke the words in 14:15?

8. Write the parable in your own words in 14:16-24

9.   What was Jesus trying to get his audience to understand from this parable?

10. Who is the certain man that gave a great supper?

11. What are the servants doing in this story? How does it relate to what God is asking us to do?

12. List the excuses that people gave to not go to the supper:


                b. __________________________________

                c. ___________________________________

13. How do your excuses for not doing what God has asked you to do compare to their excuses?

14. What is an excuse anyway?

15. Why are the ones invited not going to eat the supper? 14:24

16. Read Jesus’ speech to the multitudes of people who were following him. What does it mean? What did he want them to realize? 14:25-33

17. What is the benefit of salt? How is the benefit realized?

18. How does salt lose its flavor?

19. How is the lesson of salt related to us today? What is God appealing to your heart about?

20. “Whoever does not forsake all that he has, cannot be my disciple.”  If you have been holding anything back, trust God, put it out there, let HIM do with it whatever is best. No Excuses. No hesitation. God will only do what is best for you concerning “that thing”.

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