Luke 24

1.  Jesus died on Friday and was put in the tomb. Why did the women wait until early Sunday morning to go embalm him? 24:1

2. Who rolled away the stone? What kind of spiritual lesson do you learn from this? 24:2

3. Put yourself in verse 3,4. How would you be feeling? Then read verse 5? How did they feel?

4. The angels used the word “remember”? Why?

5. Read verse 8. What was the reaction after they did this? Verse 9

6. Who were the first evangelists of a risen savior? 24:10

7. How did people respond to their words? 24:11 Why?

8. What was Peter’s reaction? 24:12

9. Picture the scene in verse 13. Two of the disciples plodding along to Emmaus. What happened to them along the way? What were they thinking?

10. Why did Jesus ask them “what things” in verse 19?

11. How did Jesus show them the truth? 24:27

12. Why did Jesus act like he was journeying on? Verse 28

13. How did they recognize Jesus?

14. What did they do as soon as they recognized Jesus and he disappeared? V. 33

15. Jesus was in Emmaus, disappeared, and then appeared again in Jerusalem. What does this tell you about the way God can travel?

16. Read verse 35. What is witnessing?

17. What was the message of Jesus to all the people who had forsaken him? 24:36   What do you learn from this?

18. Read verses 37-43. Explain what Jesus was trying to accomplish?

19. Jesus wanted them to understand. What was the method he used to help them? 24:44-47

20. What did he want them to do? 24:48   What does he want you to do?

21. Why do we need to tarry with God before we can go and witness for God? 24:49

22. If you were standing there when Jesus ascended into heaven, what would have been your thoughts, feelings, wishes, plans? 24:50-53

23. After having studied the whole book of Luke. How have your views of Jesus changed? How has it helped you the most?

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