1.  Why do you think the “whole multitude” just went along with whatever was happening at the time? 23:1

2. Was verse two true? Why did they need to fabricate a lie?

3. What do verses 3,4 tell you about Pilate?

4. If Pilate didn’t find fault with Jesus, why did he let him be condemned?

5. Why were the priests and scribes so intent on having Jesus killed? 23:5

6. What was Herod’s experience with Jesus like? What was Herod’s problem?

7. Read verse 12. Why is this unusual?

8. What was Pilate’s conclusion about Jesus? 23:13-15

9. Why would Pilate chastise Jesus if he was innocent?

10. Why would the people be in such a frenzy to want Barabbas instead of Jesus?

11. How could Pilate go along with the crowd when he, himself, proclaims Jesus innocent several times?

12. Imagine church leaders demanding that the God they worship be killed. How do you wrap your mind around that?

13. How was Simon the Cyrenian’s life effected that day?

14. What were the women wailing about and what do the words of Jesus mean to them?

15. What was Jesus’ attitude towards those who were killing him? 23:34

16. Read verse 35. Stand yourself, and look, and see what Jesus did for you. Take a moment. Think. Imagine. See it again for the first time.

17. Describe who was at the cross, each different group of people and what they were doing (:


18. How do you think the Jews got the Roman’s to carry out the execution of an innocent man?

19. How do you explain verse 43?

20. Read verses 44-49. What are you impressions and thoughts?

21. What was Joseph like. What did he do? 23:50-56

22. How have you been changed after spending a few thoughtful minutes looking at the last few minutes of Jesus life on earth?

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