Luke 22

1.  Why do you think Jesus died during Passover? 22:1

2. What problem did the priest have with Jesus and with the people?

3. Explain verse 3?

4. Do you think Judas only betrayed Jesus for the money?   22:5,6

5. Read 22:7-13. What lessons do you see in these verses?

6. Why had Jesus desired to have the Passover come? 22:15

7. Explain what the communion is all about? What is it? As a protestant, what isn’t it?

8. Read 22:22. What does this verse mean? How did Jesus handle this?

9. What were the disciples arguing about, on this last night with Jesus? What do you learn from them? 22:24-30

10. Who is greater?

11. What did Jesus tell Peter? Why? Verse 31,32.

12. How does verse 32 encourage you?

13. What was Jesus trying to do in verses 35-38? Why?

14. Why did they mention that they had two swords, in the context of what Jesus was talking about?

15. Why did Jesus make it a custom, to go to the Mount of Olives? What is a custom?

16. How does “praying that you might not enter into temptation” help you?

17. How do you think Jesus was feeling in verse 42? What was he struggling with?

18. Read verse 44. What do you see in this verse that could help in your life?

19. Read verses 47-71. Meditate on the events, the people, their actions, reactions. What is God telling you? What would you like to tell God?

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