Luke 21

1.  Describe what Jesus saw in verses 1-4?  What impressions did he have of what he saw?

2. Why did the widow give more when in reality she gave less? 21:4

3. What feelings do you think prompted the “speaking of the temple” in verse 5? How were these thoughts and feelings mis-directed?

4. What did Jesus say would happen to the temple? How was his prophecy fulfilled? 21:6

5. Why did “they” want to know the signs? 21:7 Why do you?

6. What was Jesus warning them against? 21:8

7. Why should you not follow someone who says “I am He” or go to where they are? Why kind of protection is this warning covering?

8. People says there have always been wars and commotions, why do you think they are signs of the impending destruction of the world now? 21:9

9. Look up a graph online of earthquake history.  What are your thoughts?


10. Look up the incidents of famine in the world.  What are your thoughts?


11. In what ways is persecution happening to you now? How are you going to handle it in the future? 21:12-15

12. How do you deal with betrayal without getting bitter and dis-trustful of everyone? 21:16-19

13. What specific sign were the Christians in Jerusalem to watch for to know when they should leave? 21:20-24. How does this help us?

14. How do you picture the second coming of Jesus? What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel? 21:25-28

15. What does the parable of the fig tree teach? What was Jesus trying to get across to people? 21:29-33

16. How are hearts weighed down today? 21:34

17. How does a person “watch”?

18. What was Jesus’ life like? What did he do during the day? What did he do during the night? How does this help you?

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