Luke 18

1. In this chapter it plainly tells at the beginning why Jesus tells the parable of the persistent widow. Why? 18:1

2. If the judge did not regard God or fear man, then what would you expect from him? 18:2

3. What did the judge finally do and why?

4. Read verse 6-8, what point does Jesus make from the story?

5. How does this story relate to faith? Jesus said, nevertheless, when he comes back, will he really find anyone who has faith? What?

6. What is the very nature of Pharisee-ism? 18:9

7. How does this show itself in our churches today?

8. How does the story that Jesus told describe the different between trusting in yourself and trusting in God? 18:9-14

9. Think: today, two people come to church. One is proud and happy because of what they did and feel clean and righteous. The other slinks in the back door, feeling dirty and worthless, but wanting to find forgiveness and God. Which has positioned himself closer to God?

10. Why is this concept so difficult in our own real lives? What do our feelings have to do with our standing with God?

11. Why didn’t the disciples think Jesus should bless the children? Where did this come from?

12. What believes do we act on today that are founded in tradition and not in truth? Hello?

13. The rich young ruler comes to Jesus. What was his false premise? The belief behind the question?

14. Why did he go away sad? What was his problem?

15. How did Jesus feel about the rich young ruler? 18:24

16. Read verses 24-26. What did the people think?

17. When Peter , of course – Peter, said “we have left everything for you”, how did Jesus respond and why?

18. Jesus warns them for the third time about what is going to happen to him? 18:31-34. How well did they understand it?

19. Why are we so slow to understand negative warnings about the future but we are quick to believe positive ones?

20. The blind man was sitting by the Jericho road. He heard a fuss and asked what was happening. He was told that Jesus was passing by. What did he do, why? How did he know?

21. When people warned him to be quiet, why did they? How did he react?

22. How do you react to people’s negativity?

23. Read 18:41. Jesus is asking you the question. How do you respond today?

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