Luke 17

1. According to verse 1, what is sure to come your way? How will you handle it?

2. What does it mean to offend someone? Why is it bad? 17:2

3. How should you deal with offenses dished up to you by your brothers and sisters in the church? 17:3,4

4. Why do you think the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith after he talked about offenses? 17:5

6. What does Jesus response to their request mean? 17:6

7. Read the illustration about the servant. What point was Jesus trying to make? 17:7-10

8. Read the story about the Leper s– Luke 17:11-19.  What is God saying to YOU from this story?

9. Why would the Pharisees ask Jesus about when the kingdom of God would come? 17:20

10. What was Jesus trying to get them to understand in verse 20, by the response that he made?

11. How is it that the kingdom of God is you? 17:21

12. What does Jesus warn the disciples about? 17:22-37. Make a list:


13. How many of the things on the list apply to your life now?

14. How well are you heeding the warnings that God is giving you? Are you listening? Taking action? Asking for help? In what ways are you “doing” something about it?

15. Why did Jesus say that his followers should not pay attention to reports of Jesus being in one place or another place? 17:22-24

16. Read verse 25 again. How did the disciples handle this, did they believe it? Why or why not?

17. How will the world be like Noah’s world just before Jesus comes back?

18. How will it be like Lot’s days?

19. How do you see our world today?

20. What happened to Lot’s wife? Remember it? Why? What is the point?

21. What does verse 33 mean?

22. Explain verses 34-37, as if you were explaining it to someone who mistakenly thinks that Jesus will come and snatch people away secretly without anyone knowing? Write your logic of what these verses mean?

23. If someone were to ask you what Luke 17 is about, what would your summary be?

24. God has spoken to you from the words of this chapter, what did he say to you personally? What convictions do you have?

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