Luke 16

1. In the parable of the unjust steward, who does Jesus tell the story to? What do you think he was worried about?

2. What was the steward doing wrong?

3. What did the steward do right?

4. What point did Jesus drive home about this steward? 16:10,11

5. Why is it impossible to serve two masters?   What two masters was the steward trying to serve at once?

6. What does verse 14 say about the Pharisees?

7. How did the Pharisees respond to Jesus story of the steward?

8. What does Luke 16:15 say to you?

9. What does it mean in verse 16 that “everyone is pressing it”?

10. Why is it impossible for even one tittle of the law to fail?

11. Read the story of the rich man and lazarus. In the story, where does Lazarus go after he dies?

12. If this is a literal story, then what would heaven be like?

13. Parables have a point or lesson, what is the point of lesson of this parable? 15:31

14. What did the audience Jesus was speaking to think about Abraham? Why did Jesus use this illustration then?

15. What is the twist in this parable as compared to the Jesus thought? Who gets to go to heaven and who doesn’t? Why?

16. Why did Jesus speak verse 23 when we know from other places in the bible that it is not reality?

17. IN the story, what did Abraham say to the rich man as to why he wasn’t going to send Lazarus down to help him?

18. In the story, why do you think Jesus named the poor beggar, Lazarus?

19. The rich man became concerned for his family. What did he want Abraham to do?

20. Another reason that this story is not literal is because, who is God? Abraham or God?

21. Why didn’t Abraham, in the story, think it would help to send someone to the brothers?

22. What is the whole point of this parable? What is Jesus trying to get the Pharisees to understand?

23. What do you learn about Jesus’ evangelistic principles from this chapter? What did he use to try to reach people?

24. If you were going to put a theme on this chapter, what would it be?

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