Luke 15

Luke 15 contains three stories, parables, that Jesus told. They are each about being lost. Jesus had a specific purpose for telling these stories together, as you study, try to discover His purpose.

1. Why did the tax collectors and sinners want to come to Jesus? Why didn’t he turn them away? 15:1

2. What were the Pharisees and scribes complaining about? How was their view different than Jesus’ view? 15:2

3. Who did Jesus speak the parable to? What was his purpose? 15:3

4. Write the progression of the lostness of the sheep? Where was it before, how did it get lost, where was it when found?

5. How would you describe the Shepherd in this story?

6. What is the point of the story?

7. Read the story of the lost coin. Where was the coin lost at? What did the woman have to do to find it?

8. What is the point of this story?

9. Read the story of the lost son. Why did he leave his father?

10. What did the lost son do while away?

11. What conditions brought the lost son back? How does this relate to evangelism?

12. How did he expect his father to react when he came back? Why?

13. Describe the Father and his actions towards his son through the whole story?

14. Why did the Father include everyone in the celebration part?

15. How did the brother react to the lost son’s return? 15:25 Why?

16. What was the brother of the lost son lost?

17. How did the father respond to the brother that stayed? What was his reasoning?

18. Read verse 32. What is being lost equivalent to?

19. Now, why did Jesus tell all three of these stories together to the Pharisees?

20. All the key players in these stories were lost, but how were they different:

                a. sheep

                b. coin

                c. son

21. What lesson does Jesus want you to learn from these stories?

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