Luke 13

When we study the life of Jesus we can gain so much understanding of how to get our heads screwed on straight. As you study Luke 13, really think about how people in the story were thinking and how Jesus tried to help them have a different philosophy or approach to life.

1. What is the story behind the massacre of the Galileans? 13:1

2. What was Jesus doing in verses 2-4 in regards to their thoughts about what Pilate had done?

3. What was the underlying belief system of the people he was talking to about why bad things happen to people? 13:2

4. What is the point of the story? 13:5

5. Read the parable of the fig tree. What is the lesson? 13:6-9

6. Luke 13:10. Where was Jesus? Why? How is this a good example for us?

7. Read the story of the woman bent over double in Luke 13:11-17. She had this horrible condition but where was she in this story? How does that inspire you?

8. What did Jesus do for her? 13:12-13 How did she respond?

9. How did the pastor and elders respond to what Jesus did for the woman? Luke 13:14

10. What was wrong with the thinking and views of the rulers of the synagogue? How did Jesus seek to correct their ideas? 13:15-17

11. What does the parable of the mustard seed mean? Luke 13:18,19

12. Read Luke 13:22-30. Why do you think the narrow way is difficult? Why it is narrow?

13. What would have been very encouraging for Jesus in verse 31?

14. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to die. He knew it, but what was he thinking about? Luke 13:34,35.

15. How do we come to the place where other people’s conditions and needs override our own, where true ministry can happen through us?

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