Jesus called his followers to the work. As they immersed themselves in mission, there would be dangers that came with the job. The worst of those would be internal. Pray and think about your own life as you study chapter 12.

1. As this chapter starts, where are they, who is present, and who is Jesus talking to? What is the topic?

2. What is hypocrisy, according to the Bible? 12:1-3

3. How can we beware of it, and be rid of it?

4. Read Luke 12:4-7. How do these verses relate to hypocrisy?

5. What does verse 7 do for you?

6. What does it mean “to confess before men” in Luke 12:8-12.

7. Read v. 11,12 again. What does this mean for you? Do you really believe it?

8. Read the story in Luke 12:13-21. What is the issue?

9. What is the lesson?

10. How does a person become rich toward God? 12:21

11. In verse 22, Jesus begins some instruction to his disciples, which is you! What are the instructions?












12. How does a person put into practice verse 31?

13. What does verse 32 mean? What do you hear God saying to your heart?

14. How are possessions linked into time and commitment? Luke 12:33,34

15. Read Luke 12:35-36. Picture in your mind how these servants look as they are waiting. What are they doing? What do they have?

16. Why do you think Peter asked the question about whether the story was just for them or for everyone? Luke 12:41

17. Read 12:42-48. What is the problem with the servant? What is the remedy?

18. What will following Jesus result in? Luke 12:49-53. In what ways are you experiencing this already?

19. What is the weather lesson and what does it mean? Luke 12:54-56

20. Why should you agree with your adversary as you are on your way to court? Luke 12:57-59

21. Who is your adversary according to Revelation 12?

22. How does the story in verses 57-59 apply to your dealings with “your” adversary?

23. What from this chapter would give a person courage to actually witness, speak up for God, go out door to door, give a Bible Study, preach a sermon, tell the world?

24. Why do think that choosing to follow Jesus and His Ways, causes some people in our lives to be angry, down on us, or reject us?

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