Luke 11

Jesus had a relatively short time to teach his followers how to keep on living a vibrant life with God. Chapter 11 shows us how to stay connected, how to receive what we need to keep hanging on.

1. Jesus was off in a quiet place, praying to His Father. Why did the disciples ask him to teach them to pray? What must they have been thinking?

2. In what ways do you need to revamp your prayers? Do you want God to teach you how to pray?

3. What does the Lord’s prayer teach us about HOW to pray? 11:2-4

4. What does the story about the midnight guest teach us about prayer and about God? 11:5-8

5. Read 11:9,10 What do these verses say to you?

6. What is the lesson about the son and the father? 11:11,12

7. Jesus was trying to tap into some basic feelings in our hearts. What was he trying to get us to realize by speaking about gifts in verse 13?

8. What did some people accuse Jesus of? Luke 11:14-23 Why would this have been very hurtful for Jesus?

9. When you have been accused or condemned for trying to help, how did you react to it?

10. What awesome encouragement do you hear Jesus speaking in verses 21-23?

11. What do you learn about demons and the devil from 11:24-26. What is the point?

12. Why did the woman cry out in the crowd? 11:27 What was Jesus’ response?

13. What did the crowd want? How are crowds still the same today? 11:29-32

14. What is the lesson about the lamp? What are we supposed to? What are not supposed to do? Why?

15. What is the light of a person? Why? 11:34 What does it mean?

16. Why did Jesus eat with the Pharisees? 11:37,38 What lesson do you learn from this?

17. The Pharisees had religious rituals that they went through, that they thought made them clean in every way. How did Jesus set them straight about this? 11:37-43

18. Make a list of the “issues” Jesus brought up about the Pharisees? 11:39-52

19. In what ways is the Pharisee attitude and belief system still around today? How can we have balance so that we can maintain a spiritual experience with God amidst religious traditions?

20. What was the intent and mission of the Pharisees and scribes? 11:53,54.

21. Maybe read again John 3:16,17. How is Jesus’ mission different than the Pharisees?

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