Luke 10

Jesus continues working his plan, sending out his followers to help others to also know Him. He is still working that same plan. You are part of it.

1. Why did Jesus send out the disciples two by two? Luke 10:1

2. Where did he send them and why? What was their purpose?

3. Read Luke 10:3. Memorize it. Meditate on it. What does it mean?

4. What would it be like for those who follow Jesus’ command to go into the harvest? Luke 10:3-7

5. What good things were the disciples to do? 10:9

6. What reaction were they to have when they were rejected? 10:10,11

7. Why the woes to Chorazin,Bethsaida, and Capernaum? 10:13-18

8. Read Luke 10:17-20. What were the 70 happy about when they returned to Jesus?

9. What was Jesus happy about?

10. How would you explain 10:20 to someone?

11. When you read 10:21,22 – what makes you happy about it? What makes you kinda sad about it?

12. What private message did Jesus give the disciples (remember this includes all his disciples, not just the 12 which people sometimes think)? Luke 10:23,24.

13. Why did Jesus tell the story of the good Samaritan? What motivated him to tell it? Lk. 10:25-27

14. Write this story in your own words – picture it, hear it, smell it, feel it.

15. Now that you “were there” – what lesson is Jesus trying to teach us?

16. Why do you think Jesus liked to hang out at Mary, Martha, and Lazarus’ house?

17. What was Mary doing? 10:39

18. What was Martha doing? 10:40

19. What was Martha’s complaint? Does it seem legitimate to you?

20. What was Jesus’ response to the situation?   Did he take a side?

21. What was Martha insinuating against Jesus in verse 40?

22. In what situations do you feel like Martha? How does it make you feel about God also then?

23. What was Martha’s real problem?

24. How do you reconcile the promise in verse 19 with the fact that hundreds of thousands of Christ’s followers have been “hurt” by the enemy? How do you answer this accusation?

25. In light of Jesus’ prayer in verses 21,22 – how should we change our prayers for others?

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