Luke 09

Now Jesus defines the mission more clearly to his disciples.  He gives them specifics and demonstrations of what He expects from them.  You will have to decide how His teachings apply to your life today. 

1.  What instruction did Jesus give his disciples?  Luke 9:1-6

2.  In what ways do these directions apply to us today?

3.  Read 9:7-9.  How did Herod respond to the news?  Who was he?

4.  When the disciples returned with news of their adventures, what did Jesus do with them?  9:10-17  How was this plan interrupted?

5.  What lessons do you learn about “now” from the feeding of the 5,000?

6.  Why did Jesus go alone to pray?  Why don’t we pray more?  9:18-20

7.  Read the question in verse 20.  What is your answer?

8.  What was Jesus thinking about while he was praying and talking to his disciples?  9:21,22

9.  In thinking about what was soon to happen, how did Jesus try to prepare his friends for it?  9:21-26

10.  What does it mean to lose your life my His sake?

11.  In what ways are you ashamed/not ashamed of Jesus?

12.  What happened when Jesus took Peter, James, and John up to the mountain to pray?  9:27-35

13.  What is the modern day application or lessons of this story?

14.  Read 9:37-42.  Why couldn’t the disciples cast out this demon from the boy? 

15.  Who was Jesus talking to in verse 41?

16.  What is the solution for tough problems? 

17.  While everyone was marveling at all the positive things that were happening, what was on the forefront of Jesus’ mind?  9:43-45  Why is this important?

18.  As we enjoy all the blessings we presently have, what should be a major concern for the future and what should we do about it?

19.  A very important principle is in Luke 9:49-50.  What is it?

20.  In what ways are we “forbidding” people today?  Why?

22.  Why did Jesus have to “set his face” to go to Jerusalem?  9:51

23.  Why did the Samaritans refuse to receive Jesus?  What motivated them?

24.  If we reject people, what is usually the motivating factor behind it?

25.  Read verse 55.  In what ways does this verse apply to you?

26.  What important mandate is in verse 56?  How does this apply to any and everything that we do?

27.  How did people respond when Jesus said, “Follow me”?

        a.  someone – 9:57

        b.  another – 9:59

        c.  another – 9:61

28.  What do the words, “I will follow you, but…..” really tell you about someone?

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