Luke 08

Jesus was probably considered a radical in his day.  He did things according to Bible principles and not according to the twisted , standard religious traditions of the day.   We could learn.

1.  Read Luke 8:1-3.  Who was part of Jesus’ group who traveled and ministered to the people?  How would this have come across in the culture at the time?  What does this tell you about Jesus?

2.  Write own the points from the parable of the sower:

3.  Write down the application to our own lives from each point in the story:

4.  How do we, as individuals, get the good ground, so that the word of God can grow in us?

5.  What is the lesson in the parable about the light?  8:16-18

6.  Read the story about Jesus’ mother and brothers.  8:19-21  What was Jesus saying ?  What wasn’t he saying? 

7.  How do you think his mother and brothers responded?

8.  How do you relate storms when it feels like Jesus is paying attention?  8:22-25

9.  How could Jesus sleep during such a storm?  What do you learn from this?

10.  How did Jesus react to their reaction of the storm?  Why?

11.  When they came to the Gadarenes, what happened?  8:26-39

12.  In what ways do we live “in the tombs” today?  How could Jesus help us?

13.  What was the effect of the legion of evil spirits on this man’s life?

14.  Why did Jesus cast the demons into the swine?  What was the result?

15.  What did the freed man want to do after Jesus helped him?  What did Jesus tell him to do?  How effective could he be?

16.  What does this story teach you about witnessing and evangelism?

17.  Read Luke 8:40-55.  This is a multi-layered story.  What are the stories that are happening at the same time?

18.  What was different in the woman’s touch compared to all the others who were touching Jesus?

19.  What was Jairus’ faith like? 

20.  Read verses 49-50.  What lesson can you draw from this?

21.  When everyone else says it’s hopeless, how does Jesus respond?  Who will you listen to?

22.  Who in your life seems to be spiritually sick or dead?  Pray for them, that Jesus will help them.

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