Luke 07

Jesus seemed to be especially reaching out to the Religious people of the day in chapter 5 and 6.  He now turns to a broader outreach in helping those outside the religious walls.  He is trying to help us understand that He truly came to help everyone.

1.   Jesus entered Capernaum.   What happened in this story in Luke 7:1-10?

2.  According to verse 4, what was the attitude of the Jews about who should be helped and who shouldn’t be helped?

3.  What was so special about the centurion’s faith that caused Jesus to take note of it?

4.  If you have people on your heart who need help, if you go to Jesus for the help, can it benefit them, even though they are not coming to Jesus themselves?  7:10

5.  The next day, Jesus went to Nain, which was 25 miles away from Capernium.  As they entered the city, what happened?  7:11-17

6.  What did the people say about Jesus after this?  7:16

7.  Why did Jesus raise this boy back to life? 

8.  Why did John send his disciples to check up on Jesus?  What was his question?  Why would he have this question now, when he had already baptized Jesus before?  7:18-34

9.  How did Jesus respond to the question of John’s disciples?

10.  What does this show you about the way to answer some questions?

11.  Read 7:23.   What does this verse mean?  How can you keep from being offended?

12.  Jesus addressed the multitudes of curiosity seekers with some questions.  What were his questions?  7:24-28  Why did he ask them?

13.  How differently did the tax collectors respond to Jesus, compared to the Pharisees?  7:29,30  Why?

14.  Read 7:31-35.  This is an analogy of the generation Jesus was dealing with.  What does it mean?  How does it relate to us today?

15.  There was a man named Simon, the Pharisee.  He invited Jesus to dinner.  What  happened while they were having dinner?  7:36-50

16.  How did Simon treat this woman?

17.  How did Jesus treat this woman?

18.  If you were in this story, which person would you be in the story?  Why?

19.  Why is it true that those who are forgiven the most, love the most?  7:47

20.  When confronted with the sinfulness of this woman, what was the expectation that Jesus had for her for the future?  7:50

21.  Jesus is trying to teach us about God through His life experiences.  What do you learn about God from the stories in this chapter?

22.  In what ways could you treat people similar to the way Jesus treated people?  What would you have to stop doing?  What would you have to start doing?

23.  Who in your life needs the help of Jesus today?  Pray for them and believe that Jesus is working behind the scenes to help, heal, and save them.    Write their names here, and ask God to go to them.

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