Luke 6

Jesus came to help and to heal. In this chapter we can learn from in and his philosophy on relationships. Watch and learn this week.

1.  First lessons in this chapter are on Jesus’ relationship to the Sabbath. Please read Luke 6:1-5. What is happening in this story? Why were the Pharisees mad?


2.  What is the lesson that Jesus was trying to teach them?


3.  Read the second part of the story about the Sabbath in Luke 6:6-11. What was the question the Pharisees were asking themselves?


4.  What was Jesus’s answer to their question? In what ways is it better to live an answer than to give an answer?


5.  Jesus spent the whole night in prayer. Why? 6:12-16


6.  Why did Jesus allow Judas to be a disciple when he became a traitor? 6:16


7.  It seems to imply in verse 13 that he had many disciples, but he chose the 12 for a reason. What was the reason?


8.  Read 6:17-19. Why did so many come to see him and what did he do for them? Does He still do this? What can we learn from this story?


9.  Jesus gave a sermon on the mountain and it begins in Luke 6:20. It is also recorded in Matthew 5-7. It’s a manuscript of his sermon that day so that we can study hisWhat is the theme or focus statement of the sermon?


10.  Read 6:20-23 What is the essence of these “blessed” verses?


11.  Why did Jesus say “woe to you”? What is it that would cause us woe? What is woe?


12.  Jesus gave very specific instructions to his followers in regards to how they treatedList each of these clear directions:

:27 _______________________________________________________










13.  After having listed some of those Power Points in Jesus’ Sermon, does it seem possible that you could do them or is Jesus still asking us to do them?


14.  What does it mean to judge someone, in the negative sense? What does Jesus say about judging? 6:37-42


15.  Why are we such poor judges?


16.  Jesus used a lot of analogies or illustrations to help people “get” what he was talking about. Read his tree story in 6:43-45. What is his point?


17.  Answer the question in Luke 6:46 as honestly as you can.


18.  Read the story about the house. Luke 6:46-49. Why did Jesus tell the story?


19.  In what ways was the man foolish who built on the sand?


20.  What are spiritual lessons for us in this story?


21.  Luke 6 dealt with Jesus’ view of the Sabbath, his healing of many people, and then teaching his disciples and the multitude about how to treat others. He summed it up with the story about not be hearers only. What is your plan for the lessons you have learned this week?



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