05 Luke

Jesus did not expect to accomplish his mission alone. He built a team. Today, if we would learn that two are better than one, that teams accomplish more than a one man show, we would accomplish far more than we would ever imagine.

1. Where was Jesus, what was he doing at the start of this chapter? How could he do this without any equipment? 5:1-3

2. What did Jesus tell Simon to do after Jesus had finished speaking?

3. Why did Simon protest?

4. In what ways is Jesus telling you to “launch”? What are your protests? Why?

5. When they launched, what happened?

6. What would you expect to happen in a positive way if you “launched”? Why do you expect the worst then?

7. Read 5:6-7. Why did they enlist help? In what ways do you need to enlist some help?

8. How did Peter and the others respond?

9. How did Jesus use this fishing experience for a higher purpose? Luke 5:10-11

10. Read the leper’s story. Luke 5:12-16. What do you learn from this story?

11. Complete this sentence for today to Jesus – “Lord, if you can, you can make me _________________.” What would Jesus’ response be to you?

12. Why didn’t Jesus want the healed leper to tell people but to go to the priest? Why didn’t the guy do what Jesus asked him to do? What was the result?

13. Verse 17 is interesting. Who is it about? What did God want to do for them? How did they respond?

14. Why are Pharisees so closed minded and refuse the help of heaven? Do we have Pharisees in the crowd today?

15. Tell the story about the paralytic in your own words.

16. What do you learn about friendship from this story?

17. What do you see Jesus doing and why? How did he respond?

18. How do you respond to interruptions in your plans? To people’s needs? Why?

19. What did the paralyzed man really need? Luke 5:20.

20. If you look out over any group of people (church, work, family) what would you say are the greatest needs of people?

21. In what ways would God like to help you to help them?

22. Why did Matthew drop everything and follow Jesus?   Would you have done this? Would you do it now?

23. What were the Pharisees griping about Jesus’ disciples? Why was this a big deal to them? Luke 5:30-39.

24. How did Jesus relate to this critical attitude of the Pharisees?

25. How can you relate better to critical, pharisaical attitudes and opinions without losing your hold on God?

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