04 Luke

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for a reason. Sometimes He leads us into things that are uncomfortable, even miserable, and if we don’t understand the bigger picture, the devil will try to discourage and defeat us at that moment. We can learn from Jesus and His experience in this chapter.

1. Read the Wilderness story, Luke 4:1-13. What did the Spirit lead Jesus to do and why?

2. What does verse 2 tell you about Jesus and about the devil?

3. Why did the devil use the word “if”? What was he trying to do?

4. In what ways does the devil use the word “if” on you? How successful is he?

5. In what ways would “all the kingdoms of the world” be a temptation to Jesus? In what ways wouldn’t they be?

6. What is Satan’s ultimate quest and desire? Luke 4:7

7. When the devil is tempting you, how can you use verse 8?

8. What tactic did the devil use in Luke 4:10-12?

9. How does understanding how Jesus resisted temptation help us to resist temptation?

10. What does verses 14-15 mean? What do they tell you about Jesus?

11. What did Jesus do every sabbath? Why? 4:16

12. Read the story of what happened in Nazareth? 17-30. Why were these people like this? What motivated or drove them?

13. Jesus went to church in spite of people and what they did. How about you? Will you let the ignorance or stupidity of people drive you away?

14. When Jesus taught, why were the people astonished? 4:31-32

15. Who came to church the day Jesus visited Capernaum? What was he like? 4:33-34

16. Why would a person with a demon come to church? Does this still happen today?

17. Did Jesus stay away from church because there were people there who acted out what the demons wanted them to do? How about you?

18. Read Luke 4:35. What response did the demon have towards the man when Jesus made the demon leave the man? Why? What does this tell you about the devil?

19. How did the people respond to what Jesus did? What did they do with what they saw and heard? 4:36,37.

20. Why do you think people talk about their experiences to others? Why don’t people talk about what they are seeing Jesus do today? (think about it).

21. What was Simon’s other name? Was he married? How could he be the first pope if he was married?

22. What was wrong with his mother-in-law? How did Jesus help her?

23. What can we do to help sick people?

24. So sabbath morning Jesus went to church, then to Simon’s for lunch, then on Saturday night, what happened? 4:40-41



25. Why would Jesus leave a crowd of eager people who came to hear him? Can you imagine the pastor leaving when the church is packed with people who came out to hear a prophecy seminar? What reason did Jesus give?


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