03 Luke

Now Luke fast forwards eighteen years and begins telling us about the birth of the ministry of John the Baptist and the beginning of the ministry of Jesus.

1. Read Luke 3:1-6. Why is the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar important in this chapter?

2. Who are the characters in this story? What were they like?









3. What does the baptism of repentance mean?

4. What is the remission of sins?

5. What was John’s message like? Luke 3:7-20 Why?

6. What topics did John talk about with the people?

7. What was John’s attitude about himself?

8. What was his mission, purpose?

9. What was Herod’s response to the message? 3:19

10. How do you respond to message that point out the error of your ways? What are typical responses people have?

11. Why do you think Jesus was baptized? 3:21,22

12. What was the message God was trying to convey to people when he made the announcement about Jesus? 3:22

13. Why is the genealogy of Jesus important? What do you learn from it?

14. Think about it, why did Jesus start his ministry when he was 30 instead of when he was 18 or 21?

15. In what ways is out mission today like the mission of John the Baptist?

16. Which Scriptures did John use when he was teaching people? What can we learn from this in our efforts to reach people?

17. Luke is teaching Theophilus important points so that he will have a more excellent understanding of his own relationship with God. What are the principles from this chapter that also apply to our lives today?

18. Read Luke 3:17. This is a prophecy about Jesus and what He would do. What does it mean for us?

19. When you think about evangelism and getting people to make the decision to come and hear the message, what was it that got the people out to listen to John? How can we make that work in our culture today?

20. What kind of people came to hear John? How did he receive them? What can we learn about acceptance from his example?

21. It is time for you to renew your commitment to the ministry God has called you to? What is it?

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