Luke 2

After telling us about the birth of John the Baptist, in chapter one, now Luke explains the birth of Jesus and all the underlying working of God behind the scenes. Luke wants us to know that God is always working behind the scenes to bring about our good. That is how God is.

1. Read Luke 2:1-7. Why was this degree made? Who was behind? What was the greater reason for it?

2. At what times in your life did events happen, which were beyond your control, that ended up working out for your good, according to the providence of God?  

3. What are swaddling clothes? Why is this mentioned? 2:7

4. The angels came to the shepherds in the field with their sheep. What was their message to the shepherds and how does it relate to us today? 2:8-20

5. What is not in the message the angels gave? In spreading the good news, what should be the tone of the message? 2:9-12

6. Read Luke 2:20. What amazing things have you “seen”, “heard” lately?

7. What is obedience? What enabled Mary and Joseph to comply with all the directions they were given? 2:21

8. What were the days of purification, mentioned in verse 22? Why did they come to the temple?

9. Who was Simeon? What did this experience do to affect Mary? 2:25-35

10. Who has God put in your life to give you counsel, advice, and warning? How important is it that you take it to heart?

11. Carefully read 2:39-40 and 51-52. How are these verses revealing what it was like for Jesus as a child and young person?

12. What is necessary for growth?

13. In teaching others about what it means to be a Christian, why do you think Luke is mentioning this about Nazareth twice? What excuses do people use to defend their lack of growth?

14. When Jesus went to the Feast of the Passover, with his parents, what happened?

15. Read 2:47. Why were people astonished? How did he get to this point?

16. The Bible says we need to have answers for people who ask us questions, how can we get to the point where we actually have those answers inside of us, like Jesus did?

17. How could Joseph and Mary have lost their child for a whole day? 2:43

18. How many days did it take for them to find Jesus? 2:46 What is the point of this story?

19. If you have lost Jesus, where is the first place you should look? Why do you think Joseph and Mary seemed to look there last?

20. What did Jesus mean in verse 49? What are you doing in the Father’s business? What is your role?

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