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Luke was an evangelist. He was also a Jewish proselyte, and, as some conjecture, converted to Christianity by the ministry of Paul at Antioch; and after his coming into Macedonia (Ac 16:10) he was his constant companion. He had employed himself in the study and practice of healing; Paul calls him Luke the beloved Physician, Col 4:14. His stories, more than others, deal with sickness and healing. In this world, perhaps we can learn the art of helping people to connect to God for help! Our focus will be to discover what we can and cannot do to help the people in our lives.

1. Read Luke 1. Where does Luke start his story about Jesus? How is his account different than the other gospels? 1:1-4

2. How would you describe Zacharias? How would you describe Elizabeth? 1:5-25

3. What was the message of what John would and would not do?

4. Who was Gabriel? 1:19 If you have time, look up the times Gabriel is mentioned in the Bible. Why do you think God sends him?

5. You have heard the story of the birth of Jesus, perhaps many times. Read 1:26-38. What is the message God wants you to take away from this part of the story to help you in your own life?

6. What was Mary like? What does this story reveal about her?

7. Why do you think Mary visited Elizabeth? What would have really helped in the visit? 1:39-45

8. Why do we need to visit people? What is the purpose? Benefit?

9. Who is God putting on your heart that you should visit? What do they need from you?

10. Read Mary’s song, 1:46-56. Make it your own. Which parts could you sing from your heart today?

11. How did Elizabeth’s friends and neighbors feel about the birth of her son? 1:57-58   In what ways have we lost community in our present culture?

12. What can we do to help get community back? As individuals? As a class?

13. Read 1:59-66. Why had Zecharias lost his speech? In what ways have you responded to God like he did? How can we learn to respond to God with optimism?

14. Read Luke 1:66. What did the people think after the events of the birth, and dedication of John?

15. Imagine the angels looking down at us, children of God, asking “What kind of child will this be?” What would you want yourself to be?

16. How does a person grow and become strong in spirit? 1:80

17. What was Luke’s intention (God’s intention) in writing this chapter to you?

18. What is the practical application of these stories in helping people in our culture today?

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