Revelation 14:14-20



1.  Read Revelation 14:14-20.  Describe what you read.




2.  What is being harvested in these verses?

            a. _____________________

            b. _____________________


3.  Who harvests these two things?  Why the difference?



4.  What is it that makes the harvest of the earth ripe?  14:15




5.  What makes the harvest of the vine ripe?  14:18  (Joel 3:13)




6.  What is the problem with the harvest of the earth?  Matthew 9:37-39.



7.  Read Proverbs 10:5.  How does Jesus feel about what is happening today with the harvest?



8.  What happens to the harvest if it is not reaped?  Joel 1:11





9.  What interferes with the harvesting?  Matt. 13:39




10.  What is the problem with uprooting tares?  Matthew 13:30




11.  How does it help you to know that it is not your responsibility to uproot the tares?  Rev. 14:18




12.  Read Genesis 8:22.  How does this verse encourage you about harvesting?




13.  If you have ever had the privilege of harvesting a big garden, or imagine you have – how does it make you feel?




14.  When the grapes are fully ripe, why is the symbolism about pressing them in the great wine press of the wrath of God?  What does that mean?  Rev. 14:19

            Rev. 15:1 might help.





15.  In Revelation 14:15 it says, “the time has come.”  What does that mean?





16.  How do you know that these two harvests happen at the same time?  Rev. 14




17.  Why is the winepress outside the city?  Rev. 14:20




18.  The symbolism is that instead of wine coming out of the winepress, blood came out as high as a horses bridle.  Why?




19. Why doesn’t Jesus also gather the grapes?




20.  What does it cost a person to be part of the harvesting?




21.  If you thought this great harvest was happening within 6 months, what would you do?  If it were 6 weeks or 6 years, would it make a difference to you?




22.  When Jesus harvests the earth, where does he put it? 





23.  What has been your greatest joy so far in working in the harvest with Jesus?




24.  What has been your greatest sorrow?




25.  What do you look forward to in the coming year in regards to the harvest work of God?




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