2Chronicles 20:1-30


1.      :1-4  Note who is on the offensive here. Why did they come to destroy God’s people? How does this apply to us and the battles we face every day?  See also Rev.12:12,17


2.      Read the following verses and write down any encouragement you find there. 1Peter 2:20,21; 3:14,17; 4:12-16,19; 5:6-9




2                                      3.   The enemy were only 35 miles away when Jehoshaphat heard they     

3                                           were coming. If time were of the essence what is so significant of  

4                                           what he does first? How does that apply to us today?

4.  The King led by example, he prayed before he called others to do

     the same. Name some areas that we need to lead by example in 

     today during the end times of earth’s history?




5.  Is it really all that important to get together with others for prayer &  

     spiritual encouragement? Why or Why not? Can you think of any

     other place in the Bible to support your point?   




8                                      6  :5-13  Read this prayer of Jehoshaphat and write down as many encouraging personal lessons that you can find in these verses.

7. What is the church referred to as in :5? If that is still true today –

    how should we treat the church as though it really is? What job

    might you be willing to do in ______   ______?



8. :14-19  Why do you think :14 gives us the specific family    

    background of Jehaziel?




9.  How do you think God wants to use you in your sphere of

    influence? List some ideas that you can begin praying about.




10. What is the Lord saying to you in :15 that helps you with a specific

  challenge you’re facing today or this coming week? Can you share it?




11. What are some battles we tend to fight that are not even our battles,

    they are God’s battle to fight for us?

12. How do :16,17 encourage you for going through the last days of

    earth’s history and the approaching great tribulation? Share some

    additional Bible verses that support your points. (ex) Eph.6:11



13. If you have to be told “do not fear or be dismayed” (:17) What

    does that imply on how you must be feeling. Where is God when

    you are feeling that way?



14. How would you describe the difference between faith & feeling?

15.  Why are :18,19 so important for us today as we prepare for earth’s

    last day battle? Note: the key issue is that of “worship”. Rev.14:6,9 



16.  all Judah came together to worship” why is this an important

     issue for us today to be practicing too?

17.  :20-30  What does :20 tell us about true prophets of God? Will

    there be true prophets in the last days?  Joel 2:28-31; 1Thes.5:19-21 



18.  How can you tell a true prophet from a false?

  • Deut.13:1-4 They always lead to obedience to God’s will
  • Jer.28:8,9 Prophecies always happen – 100% of the time
  • Isa.8:19,20 Keep all the commandments & God’s word alone
  • 1Jn.4:1-3 They always uplift Jesus as our Savior and Lord
  • Dan.7:10 Supernatural manifestation of not breathing in vision
  • Mat.7:15,16 The fruits of how they lived their lives reveal

The S.D.A. Church believes the true gift of prophecy is manifested in the church today through the writings of Ellen White. We invite everyone to do what 1Thes.5 says we should do and put her writings to the test and hold fast that which is good if they past the Bible test. God’s last day church with His last day prophetic message would be guided by the true gift of prophecy just like His first century church was. See Rev.12:17; 19:10.


19. What were the weapons God’s people used in :21,22? Have you

    ever tried using those weapons when you were under attack?

    See Psalms 104:33; 57:7



20.  What did the enemy do that led to their downfall in :23,24?  What

    does this teach us about the importance of our relationships today?


21.  How were the people of God better off after they went through

    this stressful event than they were before it? What teach you about  

    the stressful events of your life today? What does that teach us about

    trusting God through the stressful events of the last days?




22. What did they not forget to do immediately after they’d “spoiled”    

    the enemy? Why is this such an important principle for us to be

    doing today?  Phil.4:6,7; 1Thes.5:18

Ideas for church work:


Maintenance – Teaching – Children’s Ministry – Cleaning – Visiting

Youth Ministry – Music Ministry – Potlucks – Socials / Hospitality

Administration Skills – Special Programs – Skits, Dramas – etc…


Ideas for work of the church:


Door to Door – Bible Studies – Small Groups – Evangelism

Community Outreach – DVD Evangelism – Literature Distribute

Prayer Ministry – Health Evang. – Social Evang. – Felt Needs – etc…


























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