The Last Great Thing

Matthew 28:16-20



1.  Read Matthew 28:16-20.  There were eleven disciples left, and it says they came to Jesus, but some doubted.  What does it say Jesus did about their doubt?




2.  Can you worship and have doubt at the same time?  Verse 17



3.  What is doubt?



4.  What did Jesus tell his followers to do?  :18-20





5.  Read Matthew 24:14.  How does this relate to the thing Jesus told them to do?




6.  What is the gospel that is supposed to go to the world before the end?  How do you explain it?




7.  What does it mean in Matthew 24:20 when it says, “Go therefore”?






8.  What is a disciple?




9.  How do you make a disciple?




10.  Why did Jesus want people to be baptized?




11.  What does it mean to you that Jesus wanted them to be combined with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?




12.  What does He expect you to teach others?




13.  What is the promise He made in verse 20?




14.  Why is taking the gospel to the world the last great thing?




15.  Read Revelation 14:6-12.  How does this fit into the last great thing?







16.  According to Revelation 14:7, what is the gospel about?





17.  What has the gospel done for you in a personal way?





18.  How does the gospel change the way you live your daily life?




19.  What are you going to do to take the gospel to the world?  How can you be a part of what Jesus commanded us to do?





20.  Write down the name of one person in your life who needs the gospel.  Pray for them.  Ask God to help you know how to help them.





21.  Why is it important for God’s people to be involved in God’s last great work on earth?





22.  What do you feel God wants you to do?

23.  In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus didn’t let the hang ups of the disciples stop Him from sending them out to be involved in the work.  What hindrances like doubt, etc. has the devil used to keep you from taking the gospel? 




24.  What are you going to do for that one person this week?



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