Jesus Prayed 4U

John 17


1.   What “hour had come” in Jesus’ life?  17:1



2.  Why did Jesus ask to be glorified?  What does that mean?  17:2,3



3.  What does Jesus “have” to give away?  Why do you want it?  17:3



4.  What is eternal life all about?  17:3



5.  Read 17:4,5.  What does these verses say to you?




6.  When you think about the followers of Jesus, what kind of people were they?  What did Jesus say about them in 17:6 and how does this encourage you?




7.  John 17:7 is a profound verse with many applications.  What are a few of the principles that you see in it?




8.  Make a list of the things Jesus mentioned in verse 8 that his followers either know or have?



9.  Why do you think Jesus focused his prayers on his followers and not on the world?  17:9



10.  Where do are most of your prayers focused?  Why?




11.  Read verse 10.  “mine are yours, yours are mine” – what does this mean to you?




12.  What was Jesus’ concerns and what did he ask God for?  17:11




13.  What does it mean that as long as Jesus was in the world he “kept them”?  17:12. 




14.  Read verse 12 again.  How do you feel about the fact that even Jesus lost one of followers?  Even he had people turn away and “walk no more with him”. 




15.  Why was Jesus pouring his heart out to the Father?  17:13





16.  How did Jesus give his followers the Father’s Word?  17:14  How do you get it today?  What will be the result of getting it?



17.  After reading John 17:15, how could your prayers for people change?





18.  Why does Jesus repeat over and over in this chapter that His followers are “not of this world”? 



19.  What does “sanctify” mean?  17:17  How does it happen?



20.  What is the mission Jesus has for his followers?  17:18



21.  Why should you be motivated to keep growing as a Christian?  17:19



22.  How do you feel about the fact that Jesus prayed for you in 17:20?



23.  What was Jesus’ goal for his followers – always?  17:21-23




24.  Read verse 23 again.  How does the Father feel about you?





25.  What does Jesus plead with the Father for?  17:24

26.  How do you feel when you know something really important but other people in your life don’t seem to care about it or have a hard time believing it?  17:25




27.  What resolve did Jesus make at the end of His prayer?  17:26





28.  How could Jesus pray such a prayer like this when he knew that His followers were about to be scattered (John 16:32); about to betray Him, and forsake Him?




29.  What do you feel is the most important this you have learned about God from Jesus’ prayer?





30.  What could you use from this chapter to encourage someone else?


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