Jesus Visits Church

Revelation 3:14-22


1. Read Revelation 3:14-20 – What is the significance that this is the message Jesus sent to the seventh and last church?



2.  It says Jesus is talking to “the angel of the church”.  What does this mean?  Revelation 3:14




3.  Read the names of Jesus in verse 14.  What does each one mean to you personally:


            Amen =


            Faithful =


            True Witness=


            Beginning of Creation =


4.  What does Jesus know about the church?  Verse 15




5.  Since the Laodicean church “is working”, what is wrong with their works?  Verse 15




6.  What is it that makes “good works” cold, hot, or lukewarm?



7.  What is the difference between cold, hot, lukewarm?


8.  How does Jesus feel about lukewarmness?  Rev. 3:16




9.  If you are close to Jesus, how will you feel about some things in the church today?  Is this normal?  Rev. 3:16  How do you deal with it?




10.  What attitude about themselves does this church have?  Rev. 3:17





11.  How does Jesus see them in reality?  Rev. 3:17





12.  How does a person get a realistic view of themselves when we tend to have an unrealistic view?




13.  I do you help someone, based on Jesus’ example, to have a correct picture of their situation?  Rev. 3:18




14.  How can the above example of Jesus help you put less pressure on yourself in your witnessing and trying to help your family and friends?







15.  What do each of these realities mean for us today:


            Wretched =


            Miserable =


            Poor =


            Blind =


            Naked =



16.  What does Jesus want us to buy from Him?  Rev. 3:18 



17.  How can you buy from Jesus?



18.  What do each of the things in the shopping card represent?


            Gold =


            White clothes =


            Eye Salve =




19.  Why does Jesus visit church in the first place?  Rev. 3:19




20.  How do you love what makes you feel sick?

21.  Is there hope for Laodicea?  Rev. 3:19




22.  Where is Jesus standing?  Why?  Rev. 3:20



23.  Where does Jesus want you to end up?  Rev. 3:21




24.  What does it mean to “have an ear”?  Rev. 3:22




25.  How will you “have an ear” this week?  What will you need to do differently?




26.  What have you learned from Jesus’ visit?


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