Lazarus Come Forth – John 11


1. (:1-3) Some think that people who are right with Jesus are somehow surrounded with a force field of protection from the world’s cares. Why is this untrue and a dangerous idea to believe.




2.  How does :3 help you when you are sick, depressed, sorrowful, etc?




3.  What lessons on intercessory prayer do you get out of these versus?




4. (:4-6) Why are God’s promises so special? List some of your favorite Bible promises.




5. What do you think the sisters thought after getting this promise?




6. What does :6 teach us about the timing of God fulfilling His promises?  Can you think of a personal example of this?




7. (:7-10) Why did the disciples not want to go back to there?  How do these versus help you in facing your fears of doing what God says?




8. What’s Jesus talking about walking in the day VS walking at night?

9. (11-14) How do you think Martha & Mary are feeling at this time? How would you be reacting to this negative turn of events?




10. What did Jesus “plainly” teach happens when we die? How is this different from what many are teaching today about death?




11. Why is an understanding of this so important in the last days? See 1Tim.4:1,2; Rev.14:13. 




12. How is our job today similar to what Jesus had to do in :10?




13.  (:15-16) How is this a glimpse into the bigger picture that God sees when we go through hard times that we do not understand?




14. Thomas was a doubter but he was no coward. How does this help you in prioritizing your walk and work with Jesus.




15. What do we know happens to all those who “die with Him?” See 1Thes.4:13-18; Rev.1:18






16. (:17-27) 3xs Martha testifies of her faith in Jesus despite her grief. What does she say and how does that encourage you in times of grief?




17. Do you think Martha is casting blame on Jesus in :21 or stating a fact? Why do you think that?




18. List as many insights as you can on what Jesus teaches about the resurrection in these versus.




19. How do you explain Jesus saying believers never die, but Lazarus had been dead for four days when he said it? Is there any significance to Him waiting four days before resurrecting Lazarus?




20. (:28-32) Now it’s Mary’s turn to meet Jesus at the funeral. What indicators are there that tell us she did not blame Jesus for this either?




21. (:33-37) Why do you think Jesus wept when He knew He was about to raise Lazarus back to life in just a few minutes?




22. Do you think the Jews in :37 were casting blame or stating a fact?

23. (:38-42) Do you think it’s ever OK to question God or to talk back to Jesus like Martha does here? Why?




24. When she did question Jesus, how does He relate to it? (:40).



25. What insights can you glean from Jesus’ prayer that teaches us how we should pray? (:41,42)




26. What is it about :42 that reveals the “bigger picture” again? Does this help in knowing why Jesus “wept”?




27. (:43-45) Lazarus couldn’t see where he was going and it was difficult to walk but he did what Jesus called him to do. How does this apply to you?




28. What is it that is sad about :45?




29. (:46-53) Are there any insights on how the religious leaders related to this miracle and how they will relate to what God in the last days through His last day people with His last message?  See Jn.15:18-29; Jn.16:2-4; Mt.10:22-26; Rev.17:14


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