Jesus vs. Wild

Matthew 4:1-11


1. When any survival situation comes – what encouragement does the phrase, “led up of the Spirit into the wilderness” give to you? How does that help you when faced with a survival or wilderness event?





2. When Jesus had not eaten in 40 days what was His physical condition like? How then did He not loose the battle of the mind and feelings? What must He have done to not be spiritually weak after those 40 days? What does that tell us about our survival situation and how to prepare for it even now?






3. He had no food but what other survival necessities must He have had?





4. His survival situation was a physical, mental, emotional test – but it was not the REAL test. What does this tell us about our survival tests of today?





5. How does the physical hardship of this survival situation play in to Satan trying to get Jesus to doubt who He was? How does that same question of doubt come at us today?

6.  Why do we need to know without a doubt – who we are? How does knowing who you are keep you from doing what you feel like doing or from what others are pressuring you to do?






7. What is the top priority of any survival situation we may find ourselves in? How does this debunk the idea of situation ethics?






8. Why was Jesus not afraid to let the devil take Him up to the top of the temple? How can this help us when we are faced with a scary survival situation?






9. Satan tries to get Jesus to do something to prove God’s word is true… Jesus taught an important survival principle… Don’t be stupid and expect God to save you! How does this illustrate that we ought to be smart in learning practical survival skills today?





10. What encouragement can we gather in survival situations from the verses that Satan misquoted from Psalms  91:11,12?




11. What survival principle is Satan trying to get Jesus to disregard when he offers to give Him the kingdoms of this world?






12. Why is it dangerous in a survival situation to relax and get comfortable?






13. If surviving requires work and effort – how can we apply that principle to the last days and survival?






14. How does keeping busy affect our mental attitude when it comes  to the worship and service of God?







15. What does Revelation 14:6,7 have to do with this principle in the story?


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