Luke 10:35-42

·The Context

·The Law of Focus

·The Law of Distraction

·Troubled About Many Things


 1.  Read the M&M story of the Bible – Luke 10:35-42.  What are your first impressions?



2.  What does it say to you that Martha “welcomed” them in? v. 38



3.  What is the personal application of “Martha welcomed Him into her house?  Have you?  What difference does HE make in your house?



4.  Read verse 39.  What do you learn about Mary from this verse?




5.  What does it mean to sit at someone’s feet?




6.  How do you “hear” His word?  V. 39






7.  What kind of effort on your part does it take to “sit” and “listen”?

8.  How would you define Focus?  How does focus work in our spiritual life?



9.  Read verse 40.  What was distracting Martha?



10.  Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Luke 21:34.   What did Jesus say would be distracting people in the last days of earth?




11.  What do Martha’s words to Jesus reflect about her focus?





12.  How would you define distraction?  How does the devil use it to do a number on your “sitting time” with Jesus?








13.  What do Martha’s words “don’t you care” – mean to you?  What makes you feel that way?




14.  What do Marth’s words “left me to serve alone” say about her attitude?  Was she justified in thinking this way?





15.  Who did Martha blame for her situation?  Why is that bad?




16.  What did Martha expect Jesus to do?  V. 40 




17.  What do you think Jesus was trying to  teach Martha?





18.  If you put this into the context of the last days and there being few who follow the narrow road, and few who are laboring in the harvest – what temptations and attitudes could be similar to Martha’s?





19.  Read John 14:1-3.  Why did Jesus say especially while we are waiting for his return to “let not our hearts be troubled”?



20.  What does a troubled heart look like?  Feel like?  Act like?  



21.  How could you help someone with a troubled heart?

22.  When Jesus spoke the words in verse 41 – what was he trying to get Martha to understand?




23.  Read Verse 42.  What is the ONE THING? 



24.  Think about your walk with God.  Have you made it about “many things” or the One Thing? 




25.  How could you help those who are so wrapped up in the many things to the exclusion of the One thing?




26.  Jesus said “Mary has chosen”.  What do those words reveal about Mary?


27.  Why can’t the one thing be taken away?  Verse 42




28.  You will be faced with M&M’s all this week – the many things and the One Thing – which will you chose?



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