Even as Sodom

  Matthew 11:20-24

·A Rebuke

·Mighty Works of God

·If it had been you

·In that day


 1.  Read Matthew 11:20-24.  What is your first impression of this story?



2.  Why did Jesus rebuke the cities?  V. 20



3.  Read verse 20 again.  How many of the cities did not respond well to Jesus’ message?  How does this help you?



4.  If you think of this from God’s perspective, how would you finish this sentence…..Where I did most of my mighty works, the people…..




5.  How do you think God feels about the reaction of people?  How would you expect to feel if you share Jesus with people and they don’t respond?




6.  What does repent mean?  How is a person brought to the point of repenting?






7.  Why did Jesus pick these cities – Chorazin, Bethsaida, Tyre, Sidon, Capernaum?  What are some of the things that had happened there?


Mark 8:22

John 1:44

Matt. 15:21

Matt. 4:14



8.  Read Matthew 11:23.  What is Jesus trying to get them to understand?



9.  Why did Jesus think that if the mighty works which had been happening in these cities had been done in Sodom, they would have repented?



10.  What was Sodom like?  Gen. 13:10-13




11.  What comparisons do you see between the Sodom then and the world today?  Jesus said………….Luke 17:28-30





12.  What was so bad about what they were doing?  Is it wrong to eat, drink, buy, or sell?








13.  Read Jude 7.  What does this verse tell you about Sodom?  What were they doing?




14.  It says in Jude 7 – they are set forth “as an example”.  What is an example?  What is it’s purpose?




15.  How is the example of Sodom helping you stay closer to God?




16.  It says they suffered the vengeance of eternal fire?  What does that mean?




17.  Read 2 Peter 2:6.  What was the result of the fire?  What does this show you about the world today?





18.  Matthew 11:23.  Read the last part – “it would have remained”.  What does this tell you about God?





19.  What mighty works are you seeing of God?  What mighty works might you be missing?  What is your reaction to them?

20.  Now, Matt. 11:24 – read it as if Jesus is talking just to you.

What is the message to you?




21.  What do you think the “day of judgment” will be like? 

Matt. 11:24. 



22.  How does your view of the judgment reflect your view of God?




23.  What would/could you do to help the people of Sodom today?




24.  Why should you never let the discouragement of people’s reactions stop you from pressing on?



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