Great Stories for Hard Times


Like a Sheep


Matthew 25:31-46

·        When Jesus Comes

·        Sheep/Goats

·        Similarities

·        Differences


1.  Read Matthew 25:31-46.  What is your overall impression of this parable?  What is Jesus trying to tell you?




2.  What happens to the people of all nations when Jesus comes? :32



3.  What is significant about being at the right hand of the shepherd instead of the left hand?  33



4.  Why are the sheep invited to accept the inheritance?  34-36





5.  What do you learn about the sheep from verses 37-39




6.  What was the focus or priority for the Sheep? 



7.  What did God think of what the sheep did?  Verse 40






8.  What is the message to the goats?  Verse 41



9.  Why didn’t the goats do things to help others?  What was their focus?  41-43




10.  What was the attitude of the goats?  Verse 44



11.  What happens to the goats?  Verse 46



12.  Read Psalms 23.  What do you learn about being a sheep of the Good Shepherd?






13.  Read Psalms 100:3 – What does it do for you knowing you are one of God’s sheep?




14.  What do all of God’s sheep have in common?  Isaiah 53:6  Why?





15.  What is one of the particular problems of the last days?  Jeremiah 50:6 







16.  How can you prevent yourself from being led astray?  Mt. 7:15



17.  Read Ezekiel 34:15 – What is God’s promise to you?




18.  What is God’s intention for His sheep before the end of time?  Micah 2:12,  Matt 25:31




19.  How can you help the Good Shepherd?  Matt. 10:16




20.  In what ways could you help gather the sheep?




21.  How valuable is a person to God?  Matt. 18:12




22.  How should you treat your fellow sheep? 





23.  Read John 10:16.  What does this tell you about God’s sheep?


24.  What is one thing, if you did it consistently, would help draw sheep to the Shepherd?




25.  How could you help people understand the Shepherd better?





26.  What could you do to help the little lambs in the fold?




27.  In what ways have you seen the sheep in the sheep fold hurt or abused?  What can you do about it?




28.  Why would anyone ever leave the Good Shepherd for another?




29.  What have you learned from this lesson?  How will you use it?







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