Ten Sleeping Beauties


Overview:  Matthew 25:1-13

·         Jesus tells a story

·         Five Wise Women

·         Five Foolish Women

·         The Punch Line


1.  Read Matthew 25:1 – what is the purpose of this story?  What is Jesus illustrating?




2.  What was the intention of the virgins?  25:1  Why aren’t good intentions good enough?






3.  Why did Jesus call the foolish virgins foolish?  What does the world “foolish” mean in the Bible?  25:2-3






4.  Why were the wise called wise?  25:4 





5.  What do you think the oil represents in the story?  25:4


6.  In verse 5 it says the bridegroom was delayed?  What reaction did the delay cause to the women?  Why was there a delay?








7.  How do you handle delays?  What reactions happen in you when the “plan” doesn’t go as expected?






8.  What is the significance of the alarm sounding at midnight?  V. 6






9.  What was Jesus trying to stress to the people in his time?





10.  When the ladies heard the alarm, what did they do?  25:7,8







11.  Think about this:  Why didn’t the foolish ladies have oil?

What was the real reason?


12.  What did the foolish ladies expect from the wise ladies?  25:8






13.  What does this kind of mentality look like today?






14.  What was the attitude of the wise towards the foolish?  25:9




15.  What happened while the foolish were out trying to buy some oil?  25:10 






16.  Why couldn’t the foolish meet the bridegroom with lamps that were not burning or ditch the lamps and meet him in the dark?  25:10-11






17.  How do you think the foolish virgins felt when they could not enter?  25:12

18.  Read 25:13.  What is Jesus’ conclusion to the story?







19.  What can you do now to make sure you are not a foolish person?






20.  What would it take for you to keep some extra oil?





21.  How has this little story of Jesus’ helped you today?  How could you use it to help someone else?


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