Elijah’s Challenge

Overview:  1 Kings 17-19

·         Elijah Proclaims a Drought

·         Elijah and the Widow

·         Elijah on Mt. Carmel

·         Elijah Runs Away


1.  What were the conditions like in Judah at the time of Elijah’s message?  1 Kgs 16:29-34




2.  Why did God send a drought?  What was it’s purpose?  17:1






3.  Why did Elijah have to flee after he told about the drought?  What did he do?  What do you learn from his experience?  17:2-7






4.  How do you live by the promises of God on a daily basis? 





5.  Why did God send Elijah to a widow?  17:8-15  How would this be viewed today by church people?

6.  What issue arose as the widow tried to help Elijah?  17:12  How did God provide?








7.  What assurances do you get from the story of the widow’s flour?






8.  When the widow’s son died, what was the widow’s reaction towards Elijah?  17:17-24 What do you learn from this part of the story?






9.  How long did Elijah hide out from Ahab?  Why so long?  1 Kg 18





10.  What do you learn in chapter 18 about Obadiah?







11.  Read 1 Kg 18:8-14 – Why didn’t Obadiah want to go to the king with Elijah’s message?

12.  Why do you think Obadiah believed Elijah?  18:16  Who would you trust right now enough to do such a thing?






13.  Why did Ahab blame Elijah for the troubles?  18:17  How did Elijah handle this?






14.  What were the issues at Mt. Carmel?  1 Kg 18:20-40




15.  What did Elijah say that wasn’t really true because he didn’t understand?  18:22  How did his misunderstanding cause him discouragement?






16.  What did Baal’s prophets do to try to get Baal to listen?  What do you learn from this?






17.  What did Elijah do to get God’s attention?  What do you learn from this?


18.  What was Elijah’s appeal to the people on Mt Carmel?







19.  What do you learn from 18:41-46?  Why seven times?






20.  After Mt. Carmel, why did Elijah run away for his life?  1 Kg 19:1-4





21.  Why did God send the angel to Elijah?  What encouragement do you get from this part of his story?





22.  Read 1 Kg 19:11-18  – What is most significant to you from this story?


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