Joshua & Jericho

Overview:  Joshua 6

·         Jericho on lock down

·         Given to You

·         Marching Orders

·         Destruction of Jericho


1.  Before you study about Jericho, read Heb. 11:30.  What do you learn about Jericho and Joshua from this verse?




2.  Why was Jericho on a lock down?  Joshua 6:1






3.  What do you see of significance from God’s words to Joshua?  How do they apply to you today?  Joshua 6:2





4.  How do you live by the promises of God on a daily basis? 





5.  What were their marching orders from God?  Josh. 6:4,5  How much sense did they make to soldiers?

6.  How did Joshua carry out God’s directions?  What do you learn from this?








7.  Why do you think the people obeyed what Joshua said he got from God?  What would you have done?  Josh. 6:8,9






8.  Read verse 10 – Why this?






9.  How many days did they do the marching and blowing of trumpets?  Why?  Josh 6:11-14





10.  Read verse 16-18 – what was the promise?  What did they have to do to get the victory?







11.  Why was Rahab spared?  V. 17

12.  In verse 18 they are warned about something.  What?  Why?  What is the application today?






13.  Why did they destroy everyone in the city?  Verse 21






14.  Did they carry out what God said to do?  Verse 23,24




15.  How important is it to follow instructions?  Always?  Usually?






16.  Why was there a curse put on Jericho?  Vs. 26






17.  What did it take on Joshua’s part to carry out God’s plan?  What will it take on your part?

18.  Read verse 27.  What does this mean on a daily basis?





19.  How do you think the Jericho people responded to what the Israelites were doing outside their walls?  How do you think people respond today to what people who are serious about God do?



20.  What strongholds in your own life do you need God’s intervention in?  What walls need to come down?


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