Samuel & The Word of the Lord


·         Word was Rare

·         Partial Understanding

·         God Calling

·         Tell All


1.  Read Samuel 1&2 to get the background of Samuel.  What do you learn from it?




2.  Why was the word of the Lord rare in those days?  3:1 






3.  Why didn’t God call to Eli?  What does his sleeping in the temple have to do with all the references in Matthew 24 about staying awake?

(Parable about Wise/Foolish Virgins)





4.  Why did Samuel mistake the Lord for Eli?  3:5





5.  How do you tell the difference between the voice of God and the voice of man?  How important is it to know in the last days when Jesus warned that there would be false shepherds calling?

6.  Read 3:4-8.  Why did the Lord call so many times?  What does this tell you about God?  About Samuel?  About yourself?








7.  Read verse 7 again.  What does this say to you about growing in knowledge of God?






8.  Why did it take Eli so long to know what was happening?  3:7-9






9.  What was good about Eli’s advice to Samuel?  3:9  What does this reveal about Eli?





10.  How would you have felt if you were Samuel, laying in bed waiting?  When is the last time you took the time to wait for God’s call?







11.  Read verse 10.  What impressions do you get about God from this verse?





12.  What was God going to do in Israel?  How was he going to do it? How does this relate to what God wants to do now in the church?  3:11






13.  How did Samuel feel about what God had said?  3:13-15.






14.  What does verse 17 show about what Eli suspected the word of the Lord would be about?  What does this say about Eli?




15.  What was Eli afraid that Samuel would do?  3:17






16.  Read verse 18.  What is the right and wrong way of doing this?

17.  Explain in your own words what verse 19 means.  How does it relate to you?






18.  The prophecy in Daniel says in the last days the word of God would be trampled into the ground (Dan.8).  What is God calling you and I to do today with the Word of the Lord, like Samuel did in his day?  Are you willing?





19.  What was the evidence that the people knew that God was speaking to Samuel?  3:20  How could people in your life take you seriously, what would be the key?



20.  What is the one thing you will take away from this lesson that will help you every day to walk with God?


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