Jonah’s Mission – Book of Jonah


·         God’s Plan for Jonah

·         Jonah’s Plan for Jonah

·         The Storm

·         The Sailors

·         The People of Nineveh


1.  What was God’s mission assignment for Jonah?  1:2  Why?




2.  What was Jonah’s reaction to the call of God?  1:3 






3.  Why did God send the great wind?  1:4






4.  How did the sailors respond to the storm in relationship to their belief system?  What did they think?  Was this correct or incorrect?  How does it relate to people’s belief systems today?





5.  In spite of his running away, what did Jonah know about himself?  1:9  Why is this important?




6.  Read 1:12.  Why did Jonah respond this way?








7.  What do verses 1:14,15 reveal about the sailors?






8.  Read 1:17 – What does this say about God?  How will he help you?






9.  Read Jonah’s prayer.  How does it help you?  Make a list. 2:1-10

















10.  What does it mean to you that God gave Jonah a second call to go to Nineveh?  3:1  How does this relate to your life?






11.  How did the people of Nineveh respond to the message? 3:5-10





12.  Why did Jesus quote this story to the people in his day and make a comparison of them to Nineveh?  Matt. 12:41






13.  What was the purpose of Jesus speaking about the sign of Jonah in Matt. 12:39?  What is the sign?  How does it relate to you?






14.  What did God see in Nineveh?  What did Jonah see in Nineveh?  What does God see in the world today?  What do you see? 






15.  How does Luke 10:2 relate to the story of Jonah?





16.  The people of Nineveh respond to the message, how did Jonah respond to their positive acceptance of God’s words?  4:1-4  Why?





17.  How did God deal with him now and what do you learn about God from it?






18.  How does God feel today about all the people in your city?  4:11  What are you going to do about it?





19.  What happened to Jonah?  What was his final response to God?  What do you learn from this?





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