Ten Plagues – Exodus 7-12


·         God’s Mission for Moses

·         Miracles and Magic Tricks

·         Plagues

·         Hardening of Hearts

·         The Blood on the Door


1.  Read Exodus 7-12.  What is your first impression of this story?




2.  What about this story is so important that it is mentioned nearly ten times in the book of Revelation?






3.  What was Moses’ mission and how would his words be received?  Ex. 7:1-7 – How does this encourage you for your mission?






4.  What was the point of the competition between Aaron and the magicians?  What were they trying to prove and why?  Ex. 7:8-13

What does this tell you about the last days?





5.  What was the Lord’s message to Pharaoh, over and over again?  What does this say about God?  About Pharaoh?  About people?


6.  Make a list of each plague and why would God choose it?  (remember Egyptians worshipped all these things)















7.  The more God worked, the harder Pharaoh’s heart got?  Why?  How do you explain this to someone who blame’s God for everything?






8.  Revelation 15:1 talks about the plagues.  What are they called and why?




9.  What is the relationship between the wrath of God and the seven last plagues?








10.  Make  a list of the seven last plagues in Revelation 16.  How are like/different from the 10 plagues in Egypt?










11.  How do the things the plagues hit in the last days match with the things people worship today?





12.  Does Jesus come before or after the plagues?  Rev. 16:15  What does this tell you about life on earth before Jesus comes?  What should you do now to be prepared for these things?






13.  List all the events that are connected with the last plague in Egypt and the last plague on earth.  How are they alike/different?  What do you learn from this?







14.  Read Rev. 21:9 – why is the angel who had the seven last plagues also the angel who showed John the bride of the Lamb? 





15.  What is the relationship between the Bible and the Seven Last Plagues?  Rev. 22:18





16.  Read Ex. 11:7 – What does this verse mean? 





17.  What do you learn for the last days from Ex. 12:3?






18.  What were they to do with the blood of the Lamb?  Why?





19.  How were they to be living at the time of the last plagues?  Why?  What does this say about how we are to be living today?  Ex. 12:11




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