David & The Giant -1 Samuel 17


·         Gathering for Battle

·         Intimidation

·         A Giant Obstacle

·         Dismay and Fear

·         Simple Faith in God


1.  Read 1 Samuel 17:1 and Revelation 16:14.  How are these verses similar?




2.  What was the attitude of the Philistines?






3.  What was the attitude of the people of God?  1 Sam. 17:11






4.  What tactics did the Philistines use to cause fear and dismay?






5.  What tactics does the enemy today use to do the same thing?





6.  What do fear and dismay lead the people of God to do?





7.  Why were David’s brothers mad at him?






8.  Read verse 25.  What were the people looking at?  What did they keep before them?  How does this relate to us today?  How does it lead to victory or defeat?








9.  In the face of giants – what is the best plan?






10.  When David had the brilliant idea of fighting Goliath, what was the response?  17:33 





11.  What kind of attitudes will you face as you try to work for God now?



12.  What kind of experiences had David had that prepared him for the giant?





13.  Read verse 38.  Why did Saul put his armor on David?  What was the result?  What do you learn from this?






14.  In what ways today are we constantly trying to wear other people’s armor?







15.  Read verse 39.  Why did David talk off the armor?  What were his reasons?  How does this apply to your work for God now?








16. Why 5 stones?  What does this teach you?

17.  What did Goliath say to David and why?






18.  What was David’s defense?






19.  What happened that lets you know that God was working with David in killing the giant?





20.  How does and will God work with us to overcome?






21.  What inspires you most from this story?


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