Walking on Water – Mark 6:45-52


·         Forced to Sail

·         Mountain Prayers

·         The Horrid Wind

·         Supposing the Wrong Things

·         Not to Worry


1.  Why did Jesus “make” the disciples get into the boat and sail?




2.  What are some things in your life that happen that you seemingly have to do?  How do you feel about them?






3.  If God made them sail, then why the storm?  What does this reveal about God?  How do you deal with this?  How do you explain it to someone else?






4.  These stories are especially to help us go through the last days, how does coming to grips with the “storm” help you?

5.  What do you learn from Mark 6:46?  How important is this for you in the last days?





6.  The disciples were alone in the boat.  Jesus was alone on the land.  Why?  What do you learn from this?  Mark 6:47





7.  Read Mark 6:48.  What did Jesus see?  What does this tell you about Jesus?






8.  In the book of Revelation, the “winds” are blowing against people just before the end of the world.  What are some of these winds that even cause disciples to strain?  How do you deal with them?








9.  Why did Jesus wait until the fourth watch of the night to come to them?






10.  Why did he pretend to pass them by? 





11.  What did they suppose him to be?  Why?






12.  How many of them misunderstood who he was?  What does this say to you about all of us?




13.  What did Jesus say to them?  What is his message for you today?





14.  What do you think they believed about ghosts?  Why is this significant in light of Revelations predictions for the last days?  Rev. 13,16

15.  When Jesus entered the boat, what happened?  How does this help you?




16.  Why does it say in verse 51 that they were greatly amazed in themselves?  What had the done/not done that kind of shocked them?





17.  What encouragement do you take away from this story?




18.  How could you use this story to encourage someone else?




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