Tower of Confusion– Genesis 11


·         The Whole Earth United

·         Building for Ourselves

·         Confusion

·         Construction Shut Down

·         Scattering


1.  What is the significance of the whole world being one language at the tower of Babel?  Gen. 11



2.  Read Revelation 13:8.  What will it take for a united world again before Jesus comes?






3.  Why does Revelation 14 relate the last day message to what happened with Babel and Babylon?






4.  Read Genesis 11:2.  Why did they stop?  What were the pitfalls of stopping?



5.  What are the pitfalls of stopping in the Christian walk?  What does it lead to?



6.  How do you know that the towel of Babel was a group effort?  Gen. 11:3

7.  Why did they build the city?  What were their reasons?






8.  What is right or wrong about their reasons?





9.  What does it mean to you that the Lord came down to see?  Gen. 11:5




10.  What did he say when he examined what was happening?




11.  What do you suppose God is saying today as he looks down to see what is happening here?




12.  What do you learn about human nature from Genesis 11:6?




13.  Why did God confuse their languages?




14.  Read Revelation 14:6,7 – What is God trying to do today with language groups?

15.  Why did God confuse languages when it proposes such a challenge in the last days to get the gospel to all the world?




16.  What is babel and Babylon a symbol of in prophetic bible prophecy?  Why?





17.  What do you learn about God from what He did at the tower of Babel?






18.  What philosophies that existed then still exist today?






19.  What attitudes did they have that you see in yourself and people in our culture?




20.  What can we learn from their mistake?




21.  In Genesis 11:6, who was the Lord talking to?

23.  What does this story inspire you to do better at?




24.  What does this story inspire you to hope to never do again?





25.  What from this story could help you during difficult transitions?




26.  How could you use this story to help a secular minded person today?


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